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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Boss to four of his employees:
"- I'm really sorry but I'm going to have let one of you go."
Black employee: - "I'm a protected minority"
Female employee:- "And I am a woman"
Oldest employee: - "Fire me,buster, and I'll hit you with an age discrimination suit so fast it'll make your head spin"
To which they all turn to look at the helpless young, white, male employee, who thinks a moment, then responds: "I think I might be gay...".
Written at 2:30 AM by The Boy with funny pictures.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
In our society today, minorities are getting more rights then non-minorities, and women are getting more rights then men. I'm fine with old people having more rights because they've lived a long time and deserve them. But as for minorities and women, its not fair that minorities can't be fired, and that hot women can get away with just about anything.

Blogger RANJAN said...
These days hetro is the only minority. The rest are gay, happy and un-threatened. If you see what i mean.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What happened to the mexican guy??? lol

Anonymous Anonymous said...
minority control the majority